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Rebellious Wines is all about being unapologetically rebellious so when a survey this past January revealed that 55% of Americans express their rebellious nature by breaking gender norms through their career choices, Rebellious Wines knew what to do:

Introducing The Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program

Rebellious Wines has partnered with the TechForce Foundation to launch the Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program.
This partnership comes at a critical time as America grapples with a dual challenge: filling the skills gap in its labor market
and breaking down gender norms that have kept underrepresented populations out of these lucrative careers.In the spirit

of championing the unconventional and breaking barriers, this scholarship is about equipping unapologetically rebellious
individuals with the tools they need to succeed in a skilled trades career. After all, their drive and determination will
ultimately help bridge the skills gap, ensuring that the future of these industries will be both inclusive and rebellious.


Scholarship Details

The Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program will provide tuition support to students enrolled in post-secondary
technical programs across the United States. Applications will be accepted starting June 15, 2024, and submissions
will be reviewed on a rolling basis through August 31, 2024. By providing financial assistance and encouragement,

Rebellious Wines hopes to inspire more people to pursue fulfilling careers in skilled trades.


How to Apply

You can submit your application on the TechForce Foundation website.

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