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Discover our Rebellious Spirit

Discover our Sauvignon Blanc (launching March 2024), Red Blend, and Pinot Noir


Rebellious Red Blend

 Red Blend pays homage to the winemaker’s art of blending,

with each varietal thoughtfully chosen for a final, generous,

and balanced blend. The fruit is fermented in separate lots,

allowing each to be distinctly crafted before aging and blending.

The wine has aromas of dark cherry and strawberry jam, brown sugar, dark chocolate, and cola with hints of cardamom, black pepper, sandalwood and licorice. The bright and vibrant entry accentuates flavors of fresh blueberries and allspice that linger

into a creamy, rich mid-palate and ends with a luxurious finish.


Rebellious Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an ancient varietal that has shown resilience in the cool climate vineyards of France for thousands of years. After being smuggled into California in the 1900s, it continues its fight to survive on hillsides and high elevations. Our growers and winemakers of Rebellious have created a luscious, full-bodied California Pinot Noir. In addition, they have added a splash
of classic California Chardonnay to soften the tannins,

add more flavor and acidity.


Rebellious Sauvignon Blanc (launching March 2024)

Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp and refreshing California white wine
with notes of tropical fruit, mel
on, citrus and green apple.
Like its Rebellious name implies, the grapes in the
Sauvignon Blanc are grown in cooler, inhospitable hilltop environments where the struggle they endure brings out

only the best quality in taste, aroma, and appeal.

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